YaaFeng Shipping & Returns

First, we appreciate very much for your purchasing at YaaFeng, for the online shopping security reason, YaaFeng would like to advise you our payment methods and the goods returns modes as below, please read these policies before you buy our products:


About shopping at YaaFeng online:
Please be informed we offer 4 currencies (Euro, USD, RMB, and NTD) for online shopping.Non-NTD currency rate are updated daily and will be fluctuant.
You could cancel the order if you do not accept the price according to the currency rate daily updated reason.

Here YaaFeng serve the direct payment information with Paypal checkout:
    YaaFeng will guide you for the payment method of PayPal without any additional charge as you purchase our products.

Please take a note here:
1. Since YaaFeng provide all predicting reports which sell prices will not be refundable and purchased reports are delivered by email to all.

2. YaaFeng cannot guarantee you to hit 100% accuracy rate for all forecasts/predictions for each report.  

And if you do not agree with this policy, we suggest you no orders requested to YaaFeng.

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